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If your trees are desperate for some care and maintenance, then it’s time to call in a professional. We’re Litchfield Tree Services, a family-owned tree service Cessnock property owners trust for all their tree care needs. Our team of qualified arborists specialises in tree care for both residential and commercial customers, handling jobs like tree trimming, tree removals, stump grinding, land clearing, and arborist consulting. Having served the City of Cessnock and the surrounding areas of City of Maitland, Singleton Council, City of Newcastle for years, we’ve got the experience to handle jobs of all sizes.

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Regular Tree Care and Maintenance

At Litchfield Tree Services, we believe in regular tree maintenance as a way to prevent bigger problems down the line. Our tree care services include common tree maintenance and arboricultural jobs. For instance, tree trimming and pruning to keep your trees in good shape and excellent health. Our team of arboriculture specialists focus on the prevention of issues like overgrowth and disease via methods like tree pruning. This reduces the need for costly measures like removal.

With regular tree management, we can encourage tree growth while maintaining structural integrity. This allows your tree to withstand storm damage without concerns of falling over. Have tree species that require special care? Rest assured that our combined experience and industry knowledge give us an edge when it comes to delivering tree care for different species.

Tackling Overgrowth With Tree Trimming

When your trees grow out of control, they can end up having a negative impact on their surroundings. The best course of action is regular tree trimming to cut back on overgrown branches, giving your tree a uniform appearance. We also provide tree pruning to get rid of any diseased branches before they infect the rest of the tree and remove excess branches to promote air circulation.

In some situations, there’s no time for gradual trimming and pruning, so we employ comprehensive tree lopping techniques instead. Our trained tree loppers at Litchfield Tree Services scale the tree to remove large sections and branches that pose a safety risk or are damaging the property. If you’re looking to hire professionals for tree trimming or pruning, call us today for a free tree lopping quote.

Hire Quality Tree Services in 3 Simple Steps

Want to hire an affordable tree service in the City of Cessnock, City of Maitland, City of Newcastle, and Singleton Council residents trust? Here’s how you can do that in three steps!


Get A Free Quote

Start the process by requesting free quotes for our tree services. You can call us at 0428 111 533 or fill out a quick form available on our website. After receiving your request, our estimator will contact you to schedule an assessment for your tree care service.


Get a Written Estimate

We’ll arrive at your property to assess your trees and provide you with a written estimate. If you approve of our quote, just let us know, and we’ll call you to schedule a convenient time for the job.


Get The Job Done!

We’ll arrive at the scheduled time to set up our worksite, complete the job, and pick up any leftover debris so your yard ends up looking better than it was when we found it.

Quick and Reliable Tree Removal Services

Sometimes, trees go through extensive damage or decay to the point that hiring tree removal services is the only option. If you’re concerned that a tree on your property may fall over and cause damage and/or injuries, it’s best to call in professionals to remove it. We offer different types of tree removals depending on the size of the tree, accessibility of the area, and complexity of the job (can the tree be scaled, or will we require a boom lift).

In tree felling, our tree loppers remove larger branches and make a felling cut at the base of the trunk so the tree falls in a specific direction. However, this is only a suitable approach in areas that offer more space for the tree to fall without damaging the surrounding property. In residential neighbourhoods and densely populated areas, we offer confined tree cutting. It involves removing the tree by starting at the top and cutting in sections.

It’s highly recommended to call a professional for the job instead of trying to handle it yourself. Our crew at Litchfield Tree Services is trained and licensed to offer safe tree removal services. To ensure compliance with local requirements, we also handle the City of Cessnock council approval process on your behalf.

Professional Stump Grinding and Removal

Once we’ve removed your tree, it’s time to grind the stump. Not only does leaving a stump make your yard look bad, but it also poses a trip hazard and attracts pests. Stump grinding is the best option in most cases because it’s quick and less invasive. We use a professional stump grinder to level the stump, after which you can opt for complete removal if necessary.

Stubborn stump giving you trouble? At Litchfield Tree Services, we can grind down even the most stubborn of tree stumps. Our experience and professional equipment allow us to remove stumps quickly, safely, and affordably.

Trusted Arborist Consulting and Reports

Besides handling major tasks like tree removal and land clearing, our arborists also offer consulting services and draft detailed reports. Our licensed tree surgeons have extensive experience in providing tree services centred on care and repair. So, if you’re unsure of which arborist services you require, our team will assess your trees’ health condition and recommend solutions. From tree surgery to maintenance, we’re prepared to provide you with suitable solutions.

Residential and Commercial Land Clearing

Need to clear land for an upcoming construction project? Whether it’s residential or commercial construction, getting your land cleared of trees, brush, and other vegetation is the first step to preparing it. Our team at Litchfield Tree Services has the right tools and equipment to handle tree clearing and brush removal.

A typical landclearing job involves tree cutting services and cleaning any remaining vegetation from the area. This way, the property is ready for the next step of the construction process. If you’re on a tight deadline and need professional block clearing services, we’re the ones to call. Our team has the expertise and skills to offer precise area clearing without affecting nearby structures or trees. Reach out to our team and get an estimate on our land clearing services.

Tree Care Service FAQs

Why call in a professional for tree removal services?

Attempting to perform tree removal without proper training and equipment is dangerous. It’s highly recommended that you call a professional because they have the right equipment to scale a tree and cut it down safely. Since they’re qualified, they can determine the best way to remove a tree without affecting nearby structures. And because of their experience, they’ll do it much faster than if you try a DIY job.

What safety measures do you take during tree removal?

Safety is a major priority in tree removal, which is why all our crew members undergo mandatory training in safety measures and procedures to follow while on the job. We also make sure that all our work complies with current guidelines and standards, which include maintaining and testing our gear and equipment. All our crew members are insured, and we always assess a location before starting the job. That way, we arrive with all the necessary equipment and prepare the work site according to current safety requirements.

How do I choose the right tree service company?

The cost of our services depends on the tree species, scale of the job, required equipment, and accessibility. To give you an accurate quote, our team will first perform an assessment to evaluate your tree concerns.

Why should I consider tree removal?

There are plenty of reasons you’ll want tree removal services. For example, if you have dead trees on your property and you’re worried that they’ll fall over during a storm. Similarly, there may be a diseased tree on your property that could infect other trees, which makes removal necessary. Other reasons include:

  • Your tree is growing too close to powerlines or other structures, which means a bigger risk of fires, electrocution, and property damage. In fact, the roots can have a negative effect on the integrity of your foundation or plumbing system.
  • You want to build new construction on your property, such as an extension, and a tree is getting in the way.

When do I call emergency tree services?

If your tree has snapped and fallen during a storm or is about to fall, you should call emergency tree services immediately. Other reasons include fallen trees blocking busy roads, sidewalks, and other similar areas. If you’re dealing with a tree-related emergency, call our team at Litchfield Tree Services as soon as possible. We’ll send our team right away to remove fallen trees safely and prevent further damage.

Why are emergency tree services more expensive than regular services?

Emergency tree services cost more than regularly scheduled services because of round-the-clock availability, the complexity of emergency tree-related jobs, and increased demand. Since tree-related emergencies can occur at any time, crew members are paid for working after-hours. Then, it’s important to consider that emergency services are often provided in difficult weather conditions. And when a large number of people require urgent services in the same area, it can drive up the cost. Even so, it’s best to call a professional team that can address the situation as soon as possible.

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